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''Troglodis'' Animated feature film  ( teaser )

Prod ; bagan films

LILOoBA pilot - 26 X 7' - age 4/6 
prod ; le regard sonore

« LILOOBA » is an edutainment live action/animated series intented to 4 to 6 years-old children. The goal of this show is to answer in 7 minutes to many questions children of that age wonder. A character made of fabric, Lilooba, who lives in world made of the same material, will have to answer their questions,  asked in children's wording, making them sometimes comical ! 

Through to those questions, we will deal with various subject matters, classic and unusual, as sleep, time perception, food chain, eyesight, the mechanism of some items, weather, botany... A new approach to the questioning of children !

Buffalo white

short film - 5'
live puppet film
Prod : Bagan films


the Desert apple

short film - 12'
live puppet film
Prod : Bagan films

20 000 leagues under the sea

adapted From the jules verne's novel
2D/3D animation
Prod : Le regard sonore

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